If you wait too long then they might not be able to help you with the bogus charges.They will likely put a fraud alert on your accounts and issue you a new card. Unplug the affected computer's network cord and turn off its wireless connection.

) of London and the Isle of Man (bromwichalbion.com) For a classic example of a very suspect "finance" site check out: think you have any safeguards just because a UK limited company is named in correspondence.

Registering a UK limited company is as easy as paying an agency about 20 pounds.

Many victims of the 419 scam do not have English as a first language and their judgement could have been clouded by these official looking websites - which seem to be introduced once a victim has taken the bait.

The "Fortune Trust Bank" ( of Amsterdam and the Cayman Islands and The "Bromwich Albion Bank" (?

If he really wants to prevent them from "tarnishing Nigeria's image" he should attend to them when they return home on their periodic visits.

(And check that chief's ID, it is just possible that he gave you a false name and address!

American sources warn of the danger of accepting any invitation to visit Nigeria offered by these villains.

They have been known to manufacture exit problems so that the mark can be pressured to hand over money as a condition of being allowed to leave Nigeria.

The polite person on the other end of the phone had a strong foreign accent and seemed very eager to prove their case and help you "fix" the problem.

They directed you to open your Windows Event Viewer so they could show you the "errors" and then asked you to download something called Ammyy, Team Viewer, or some other tool so they could connect directly to your computer and "fix" the issue.

Never let these people have your bank account and personal contact details.