This is bound to put her on a pedestal and it will prove to be effective particularly in a long-term relationship. Say this only when you mean it so that she never questions your loyalty.Abhay Bajaj, 26, a marketing professional says, "When I told my girlfriend that she is the first woman in my life, she was utterly surprised.It gives my ego a boost when my hubby says, 'This dress suits you', or something like - 'You look prettier than any of those ladies I know' or saying, 'I wonder how you look so sexy even in your 30s!

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It will want her to explore more of herself and not just you.

She will be able to connect with you in a sexual context." 'You'll make a great mother' Most women look forward to having kids, but also tend to doubt themselves when it comes to being a good mother.

Ritu Jaiswal, 27, who got married a year ago, confesses, "It was my husband who made me comfortable with the idea of parenthood.

I was always scared of having kids, but he made me feel at ease by assuring me that I'll be a good mother and will do an excellent job as a parent.

Praising her performance in bed and telling her that she is simply irresistible, is sure to set the momentum for a sizzling act later.

The more you elevate and understand her sexuality, the more willing she will be to explore her wildest fantasies.

So, don't be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments.

The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return.

If there's one thing that has always kept men wondering about women, it has to be figuring out what they love to hear?