“Whatever it is, I guess we just have to mutually respect everyone involved and not to talk more about it.Kasi ang hirap diba nagkakaedad na (Because it’s so hard, right, that it’s getting old) I’ve been with her 5 years na, exclusively dating, but I know and she knows that we don’t date out[side] of what we have.

Piolo added that they have been friends for a while now and one of the best things about them is that they are open to each other.

Prior to this, Shaina clarified that it is difficult to put a label on her relationship with Piolo.

And recently, an issue has been making rounds on the social media community due to his “boyfriend”.

Another singer who also has a ‘blur’ on his gender preference is Erik Santos.

"We're good friends." One of the reasons why he doesn't want to have a girlfriend right now is because of his son, Inigo.

He promised him before that he won't have a girlfriend until he turns 18 years old.

For his part, Piolo said he wants to spend as much time as he can with Inigo. In the end, Piolo said he wants to have another son/daughter, but not this time because he still has a contract with ABS-CBN.

Hunk-actor Piolo Pascual is once again making headlines.

For a time, Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao were dating consistently that some people thought they are going to announce their relationship soon.

But, Piolo said his lack of time for himself led him to severe whatever romantic ties he had with Shaina.

He is only grateful that he and Shaina remained as friends even though they are not dating now.