they were then spotted leaving the venue in separate vehicles.Kylie hopped into a ride driven by rapper Lil Twist.

Nope, this weekend the family member who is causing a bit of controversy is none other than 17-year old Kendall Jenner.

I guess somewhere in my head I had hoped that this girl would learn a thing or two from her older sisters’ horrendous choices in men.

The two friends were in for a wild night (or shall we say nights)... Lil Twist posted a photo of himself on Instagram a few days later (April 10) smoking a massive blunt in the studio, and apparently Kylie must have been somewhere in the background...

Twist's friend/You Tube enthusiast "Sam" posted these tweets to go along with the pic on April 11: @x Jawz: "Paramount Recording Studios w/ @Lil Twist @Kylie Jenner @Whois Chris King @djkidfamous & @stassiebabeyy @x Jawz: "@Stassiebabeyy haha tell Kylie I said thanks for telling twist my lights were on haha." And here's the exclusive Meda Take Out report posted on April 12: Kim Kardashian's mama better STEP IN and start REGULATING the company that 15 year old Kylie Jenner is keeping.

Should Kendall keep it moving and not waste her time on Twist and the inevitable trouble he’ll bring?

(Instagram) Lil Twist has slammed Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun on a expletive-filled Twitter tirade on Wednesday. TMZ reports he was arrested early Thursday morning, around am, while on his way to the Biebs' pad.At one point in the evening - Twist took a pic of Kylie's finger and sent it out - describing the UNDERAGE KARDASHIAN as "sexy." liltwist: "wow that fingernail looks so sexy bu that fire. After dinner - the foursome went to the STUDIO with twist, where he IMMEDIATELY sparked up a blunt.And according to Twist, the blunt was SO STRONG - it got "everyone" in the room high. , Complex and Collider put together a “Stare & Scare” prank that brings the horrors of this cinematic nightmare to vivid life.In the video above, rapper Lil Twist visits Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities, under the impression that he’s answering questions about horror films, followed by an interview.Still, we hope Justin's BFF isn't trying to sabotage their relationship. Do you think Justin's friends are preventing him from getting back together with Selena?