And now that SYTYCD is in the midst of its ninth season, we here at thought it would be fun to check in on our past favorite dancing alums and see what they’ve been up to since leaving the show.From earning law degrees to becoming full-out dance instructors, these former contestants have gone on to accomplish quite a bit since we last saw them.

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Steve-O couldn’t even listen to music and hear a beat and clap to it, I had to find a way in order to make people think he could.

“So I’ve had a lot of challenges throughout the seasons of , but for me, you have to have a different formula for different people when you’re teaching them.

You need to learn how to speak to people, and how to get information into them and have it fit.

Especially something as foreign as dancing.” Schwimmer, who has her own clothing line, co-owns the family studio in Redlands and maintains a second career as a singer, did not pair up with a celeb on the recently-wrapped 19th season on “I did a lot of hosting stuff for them this past season,” she explains, “which was pretty cool. You know, dancing only lasts so long, same as anything else.

stars By Bill De Young Try to imagine the average Saturday night in the Schwimmer family home in Redlands, California.

Buddy Schwimmer, the family patriarch, was a champion swing dancer known as “The Man With a Thousand Moves.” Mom (Laurie Kaufman) was a classically trained ballerina turned jazz dancer.

However, she still makes sure to keep dancing in her life and is a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Center.

She is also a regular dancer at Mc Donald Selznick Associates.

Name: Courtney Galiano Season: 4 Where She Is Now: Courtney revealed in April of this year that she’s been diagnosed with MS, however she continues to dance professionally even to this day and has participated in a few episodes of .