Not one to sit back and watch the pennies roll in, the former *NSync star not only features as executive producer on her debut album Outta Here, but has also co-written four of its tracks, and appears as guest vocalist on two, the Stargate-produced, sparse electro-funk of "Love Dealer" and the Timbaland-influenced, staccato-led R&B of "Casanova." Timberlake's constant presence could have overshadowed his protégé's first offering, but Denters proves she's just as capable without the aid of her superstar mentor.

The clattering rhythms, lilting piano hooks, and power ballad chorus of the Ryan Tedder-penned "Victim" are just as epic as the anthems he wrote for Beyoncé, Leona Lewis, and Kelly Clarkson, "Admit It" is an intriguing fusion of jazz-inflected soul, brass-led hip-hop, and infectious dance-pop, while "Just Can't Have It" is a swinging acoustic midtempo whose simple but classy production fully allows Denters' powerful vocals to shine.

In 2007, the 18-year-old native of Oosterbeek, Holland, signed with pop star Justin Timberlake's fledgling Tennman label and began appearing with the "Sexyback" singer on tour.

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Admittedly, the album's highlight appears courtesy of the Timberlake co-written title track, whose crunk beats, underlying rock guitars, and polished pop melodies would have provided a much better comeback single for Christina Aguilera than her recent derivative Lady Gaga pastiche.

"The First Thing," a meandering attempt at a Mary J.

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