As a plus, David can masturbate again, but the rules in the forest contain their own horrors: digging one’s own grave, outlawing sex (or any romantic gesture) amongst the group, and being outrightly hunted.

Seeing a mutual Facebook like on an app or overhearing someone mention Drake at a bar piques interest, perhaps even tricking you into thinking about a future with someone that doesn't exist.

But those commonalities are what gets things started.

While David is doing this as a means of survival to not be turned into his animal of choice (a lobster, of course), it’s easy to reflect on the things that I’ve done to convince myself about my chemistry with another person.

“Oh, he likes .” “He’s nice to you.” Or even darker, shaped myself into a less demanding, less complicated, sweeter person for someone who would ideally want me without putting on those airs.

With this setup, it’s easy to immediately poke holes in the legitimacy of their pairing.

Like all forbidden romance, it’s filled with long looks, hidden signals and unbearable tension.

They’re led by a fierce, unfeeling leader (Lea Seydoux) and live in a not-so-idyllic forest commune.

After things at the singles hotel go awry, David joins The Loners, and it really is the lesser of two evils, but just barely.

has been known as the movie that brought its stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck together.

After getting hot and heavy as each other’s love interest on-screen in the Marvel comic adaption, they married two years later.

“To be honest, Ben thinks it’s pretty pathetic,” says the source. She always felt flattered by it, and now she’s ready to embrace it!