Between shooting scenes of Suicide Squad, in August 2015, Cara Delevingne got five tattoos on the bottoms of her toes featuring emoji faces.

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The 22-year-old singer is gearing up to release new music soon, as she’s been teasing a little bit of her new songs on social media.

Speaking with press recently, Cher dished about missing the British culture.

His grandparents had flown from Australia and rode in the tour bus with him.

Cody and I both love our families so much, so we totally clicked!

Cara really upped the ante with tattoo number 26, commissioning celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang to ink a pair of eyes on the back of her neck.

Cara’s eyes tattoo is located just above Thai yant tattoo the model debuted at her sister’s wedding in 2014, and has sparked plenty of speculation about the meaning behind the interesting ink.OFollowing the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego on July 21, 2016, Cara Delevingne hit up famed tattoo artist Dr.Woo for a new tattoo of an elephant head on her right forearm, done in the artist’s iconic and delicate “dot and line” technique.They let me get an agent and I booked almost everything I tried out for, from commercials and magazine modeling, to short films.At the end of six months, they let me keep my agent, sign up for dance class! When I was 11, I decided to start rapping, playing guitar, and writing songs.After that, Cher will hold contests and the winners will get to debut exclusive tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, and never-before-seen artwork on Twitter.