The Mirror reported the pair kissed at an October 2011 X Factor afterparty, however, it also inaccurately reported a tweet from Harry as being about the event, when he in fact tweeted the day before the party. In 2013, Des Styles, Harry's father, strongly denied claims from Flack that Harry's friends and family approved of their relationship, tweeting "His 'family' and 'parents' supposedly 'weren't bothered' about his thing with Caroline Flack so says she.

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A common twist is for her to be perfectly nice and sweet, but for the rest of the band to be so paranoid about this happening (or at least jealous of the attention shes getting from their bandmate) that the band breaks up anyway.

Related tropes include Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); Contractual Purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date Yuri: Hey Athena... I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right...?

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Basically Die for Our Ship, but aimed at the Real Life love interest of a celebrity or other public figure.

In 2005, she had a regular segment in the video games show When Games Attack.

In 2006, she co-presented the Saturday morning show TMi with Sam and Mark which aired on BBC Two and the CBBC Channel.Subsequently, she hosted CBBC show Escape from Scorpion Island together with Reggie Yates.In 2007, Flack hosted the CBBC coverage of Comic Relief does Fame Academy, commenting on the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with Paddy O'Connell.And although Josh denied the ‘false allegations‘ the band were suspended from the first live show and late tweeted: ‘By mutual consent, we feel like it was best to walk away from the show this year.While not everything that has been claimed is true… And would like to thank everyone for there ongoing support and love.Caroline Louise Flack (born on November 9, 1979) is a British television and radio presenter.