Apart from his acting career, Arnold is very passionate about wildlife and is a spokesperson for IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare).Though he has a very successful career, yet he does not neglect the importance of being fit and living a healthy life. Balance your diet – He also balances his diet by cutting down on carbs as much as possible, increasing protein and fruit intake. Increase water intake – Drinking a lot of water also helps in weight loss and helps you healthy and hydrated. Exercise- For his role in The Mummy, Arnold had to shed a bit of weight so he went to the gym six times a week to trim his stomach and other fat concentrated areas.Vosloo and his fellow cast members reprised their roles two years later for the film's sequel, the aptly-titled The Mummy Returns.

With a penchant for needling Bosch (Titus Welliver), Rudy might be dirty enough to have planted evidence against Bosch in a case.

Theatre work in his native South Africa includes: "More Is In Lang Dag", "Don Juan" and "Torch Song Trilogy".

The film starts off as an edgy, nervy horror that promises much more to come but in introducing that action we’ve come to know Cruise for, it forgets its ground roots and instead feels muddled and misdirected for the majority.

Not quite the driving force that Universal will want for their introduction of the Dark Universe, is clumsy and muddled filmmaking that is saved by the collective forces of Cruise and Boutella but leaves little to be desired in terms of an expansive universe.

A regular performer with South Africa's State Theatre, he also played leading roles in "Savages", "Twelfth Night" and "Hamlet".

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Vosloo noted he looked similar to actor Billy Zane.

It’s poor writing and serves us up two characters who on plenty of occasions we actually want to fall foul of Boutella’s evil.

But while lacks those all-important characters traits of positivity (even Brendan Fraser was at least charismatic and charming enough in the 1999 version), Cruise and Boutella are most definitely the driving force of the film.

has seen rebirths aplenty through the years with the likes of Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Arnold Vosloo taking on the mantle and providing memorable outings for the Universal entity.