Your device shifted to Recovery Mode which means that all your content from the device have lost.Simply click the Restore i Phone button to fix this problem.Your i Phone will then be restored to i OS 6.1x without having to use any other apps or jailbreak.

When updating to ios 7 error video

Step 3: Hold down the Shift key (for Windows) or Alt/Option key (for Mac) key and click the Update button on i Tunes interface.

The process for recovery will now be great and once it is done, you will see the new interface of i OS 7.

With older devices like i Phone 4 and 4s, an upgrade to i OS 7 or 7.1 can put your i Phone in the dreaded recovery loop.

Connecting to i Tunes to restore has no effect and your i Phone is stuck in the recovery mode for eternity. How to kick the i Phone 4/4s out of the recovery mode and update successfully to i OS 7 or 7.1?

This can eliminate most of the errors due to bugs and may fix error 6.

Solution 3: From i Tunes, go to Advance Steps, choose Rename, move, or delete the i OS software file (.ipsw).

(Cocoa error 259.)" User Info=0xa48a7f0 , (lldb) I've also tried creating an empty database in the simulator, which runs fine.

How do I replace it with the populated database without tripping over wal files?

If the objective is to upgrade to i OS 7 or 7.1 (assuming you have backups already), the DFU mode can be helpful.

The DFU mode is specifically for i Tunes to proceed with the device upgrade without throwing any errors.

However, this solution may not be able to restore your data and doing this may lose your device’s jailbreak.