Most often, when people don’t make eye contact it’s for a specific reason.

Humans evolved to make eye contact with each other to show no harm and to show their friendliness.

When someone can’t make eye contact with you, it’s usually because they feel threatened.

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When a guy says you are intimidating video

Although this can seem cute and endearing, the guy should have the courage to talk to you even if you are a little intimidating to them.

Although they are telling you that you scare them and are really intimidating to them, them having the courage to actually admit it is admirable.

So when they’re out there in the dating wild, men are looking for any sign of encouragement to indicate that it’s safe to make an approach.

And while many will be drawn to a woman who exudes a certain amount of confidence, there’s a fine line between self-assured and intimidating.

If you’re in a group and they’re around often and you can’t help but overhear them talking themselves up – no matter where you go – then it’s probably because they’re making sure you hear on purpose.

They’re doing this so you start to develop a higher opinion of them.If you know how to tell if a guy likes you and you’re fairly certain a special someone really does, yet they’ve never made a move or admitted it to you at all, it could be because they’re intimidated by you.They’re worried about how you feel about them and therefore, they don’t want to divulge how they feel about you because they’re just scared.In fact, if they’re intimidated by you, this may be the only way someone will act as though they like you.If you’re chatting up some other guy and they jump in and try to get the attention on themselves without really talking directly to you, this jealous behavior shows just how intimidated by you they are.If a guy is talking to you and divulges that he think you’re intimidating, then obviously it means he must think this. Some people may even say it’s a great thing to demand such respect and fear.