Because of their observation that the activity of this enzyme was decreased by over 50% after the Mn-BR treatment regimen (Duguay ., 2000), the authors concluded that factors other than an enhanced rate of cholesterol synthesis must account for the accumulation of newly synthesized cholesterol.Thus, prior to the present highlighted study, confounding data sets existed that could not explain the accumulation of newly synthesized cholesterol.Thus, there is signficant clinical relevance for conducting studies examining mechanisms or modes of action of chemical-induced cholestasis.

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Extrahepatic cholestasis can be caused by bile duct tumors, strictures, cysts, diverticula, and various forms of injury.

Potential causes for this specific form also include stones in the common bile duct, pancreatitis and pancreatic tumor, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and compression due to a mass or tumor on a nearby organ.

In this article, the authors have extended their earlier work defining mechanisms associated with the manganese-bilirubin (Mn-BR) model of experimentally-induced intrahepatic cholestasis.

The authors have been using this model for over 20 years because of the similarities in the pathophysiological changes in BCM to those observed in cases of cholestasis in humans.

A major function of the liver is the formation of bile and hepatobiliary excretion of endogenous substances and xenobiotics, such as chemicals, drugs, and their metabolites.

In some forms of cholestasis, cholesterol metabolism is perturbed, resulting in cholesterol accumulation in liver bile canalicular membranes (BCM).

Here, we show how quantum computers can be used to elucidate the reaction mechanism for biological nitrogen fixation in nitrogenase, by augmenting classical calculation of reaction mechanisms with reliable estimates for relative and activation energies that are beyond the reach of traditional methods.

We also show that, taking into account overheads of quantum error correction and gate synthesis, a modular architecture for parallel quantum computers can perform such calculations with components of reasonable complexity.

The two enzymes have opposing actions—any condition or intervention that results in the activation of HMG-Co A reductase with concurrent inhibition of cholesterol-7α-hydroxylase will result in cholesterol accumulation and cholestasis (Fig. These two key factors of methodology and experimental design were paramount to the success of the study, and as a result, the data sets obtained allowed the authors to further define the mechanism of Mn-BR-induced cholestasis.