Mental Health America works nationally and locally to raise awareness about mental health and ensures that those at-risk for mental illnesses and related disorders receive proper, timely and effective treatment. Federal Register, 81(19), 5019-5025 https://gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-01-29/pdf/2016-01769(3) American Psychiatric Association. Mental health disparities: American Indians and Alaska Natives.

MHA incorporates culturally competent strategies to ensure that it is effectively addressing the treatment and psychosocial needs of consumers and families with diverse values, beliefs, sexual orientations, and backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity and/or language.

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Retrieved from https:// (2) Bureau of Indian Affairs. Indian entities recognized and eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.

We wrote last week about American Express’ new prepaid debit card, which is being billed as a low-fee, easy-to-understand alternative to the cluttered (and frankly shady) prepaid debit market.

If you want to reload through an Am Ex credit card or through a checking account, there’s no charge.

Otherwise, though, you need to buy a Money Pak from Green Dot, which costs $4.95.

Hurricane Irma a Category 5 storm battering all in its path with sustained winds of up to 185mph and has killed at least 10 people.

The latest NOAA advisory at 11am AST forecast the eye of Irma should continue to move closer to Turks and Caicos as the evening progresses.If the Am Ex card is supposed to be a "fee-free" alternative for the unbanked, it falls short of its goal.Anyone with a bank credit card or checking account – who can reload the Am Ex prepaid for free – has no need for a prepaid card.And anyone who doesn’t will have to pay Green Dot .95 every time they reload the card.If you get paid bi-monthly, that's .90 each month out of pocket already.Unfortunately, we’ll have to revise our estimation of the Am Ex prepaid debit cards.