This pistol was very successful; it was a blowback action, with a double action trigger.

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Yet, neither the brand’s official website nor the Smith & Wesson “about us” section of its US website even once mention Walther’s James Bond connection.

This absence seems enough to raise an eyebrow, considering it would seem that the brand itself is the only one in the world not aware that Walther is known — even to gun control advocates — as “James Bond’s gun.” As with Glock, Walther owes a good part of its modern success to its Hollywood product placement, even if audiences never complain about it.

This model PPK was known as the "Honor Weapon of the Political Leaders" and were only presented to high ranking Nazi officers for meritorious service to the NSDAP.

The wrap around grip bears the spread-winged eagle perched atop a wreath encircling a swastika, surrounded by impressed checkered pattern.

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The blowback design was the key, and was much cheaper to produce than any locking systems.

The first unlocked military pistol was known as the Walther MP (militarpisole).

The guns featured serial numbers containing “007” as well as the MI-5 logo of the British secret service.

Today, these guns are much sought-after collectors items.

Small crack to top right side of grip, .5 inches in length. Vertical serial number on right side of receiver behind trigger assembly, 823112.