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Its okay but very mechanical; Crystal has no character to speak of so its just a question of following a walkthrough and there you are; some straightforward sex. Mixed on this one, seems like it has much potential but is kinda hard and feels a little buggy and unfinished. For example, if I suggest to watch tv, she says she doesn`t want to watch tv any more. I like the more recent games and how there`s a little more on the sex scenes.

There was only a limited number of options and you could not get very far. Playing on IE :( Not sure what all the complaints are about, some nice walkthroughs typed already and they all worked for me. I am sure I didn`t explore everything (I got ending 2) but was fun enough. Then let her change into something for hot weather. She will not change after you ask her to wear bikini first and you will get stuck. There are only a few endings and few ways to get there.

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