And then she may dump the pookie whenever she feels like it. These are the terms I have tested and that were put into the chat world. For example, I saw 2 players pretending to kiss where i logged in.There is more weird stuff going on too that I won't get into. I was messing around ad thought it would be funny to be a little sexual and say the terms of genitals. Intercourse, Vagina, Penis, WTF (yes that was approved). They were typing sounds that I wouldn't want my child to be hearing.

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As for the main review here on CSM, please read more for yourself. This website is safe all around in the "buying" division.

Credit card numbers are secure when buying a membership, don't worry.

After all, we already PAID to have access to all those cute items & therefore they NOW BELONG to our child's account!

Items acquired during membership should remain the "property" of the account holder, not the site!

The pookie penguins will say things like, "Pick mwe! Then, if they get picked up they will go back to her igloo and do whatever the mumu says. And once, I saw someone trying to give their phone number away. Some aren't '' Cool'' enough to fit in with the popular crowd. Once you complete all the spy missions, buy all the colors, and get your Ninja Belt, there is nothing to do but wander around, playing games just to earn coins you can't use.

Then there are things called "Pookie Contests." You go to a penguin's igloo and all of the pookies dance around and say cute things and try to get picked. It says that kids are motivated to get a deluxe membership, but really they are pushed.

For now, my daughter can find other things to do, outside preferably, and enjoy her childhood. Club Penguin, you’re cute and seemingly well intentioned but no thanks! If your computer goes down without you saving it you will lose all your points.

I wrote them and they claim this does not happen, but it does.

And you can get better "stuff" if you pay for a membership.