“This shows her you’re romantic and willing to go outside your comfort zone for her.Plus, dancing brings your bodies close together and can be great sensual foreplay,” she adds. Book the dance class for Saturday and pretend like that is your big V-Day present.

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Then, skip the crowded restaurants and snuggle up in the chalet by the fire après-ski instead.

If downhill sports aren’t your thing, try cross country skiing or even build a snowman, she adds—anything that lets you have fun in the snow (and gives you an excuse to cozy up afterward). “Surprise her by cooking a romantic dinner at home, but make something you wouldn’t normally cook, such as lobster or fondue,” suggests Lorraine.

Have her present sitting on her plate so she has something to unwrap while you finish cooking.

Then, after breakfast, lead her back the bedroom to give her another kind of gift.

To ease your search for the perfect gift, we're sharing items that'll match your man's personality.

We know every man is different, so whether you're looking to find a present for your baller hubby (like Jay-Z), sophisticated fiancé, geeky boyfriend or the funny guy you just started dating, we've got a gift for him.

We don't think the classic chocolate and flower combo set is going to cut for him either.

We want our gifts to be meaningful and exciting, making the present-picking process all the more difficult.

“Sex hormones are highest for both men and women in the morning, plus we tend to feel fresher in the a.m., so wake up 20 minutes early and really surprise her,” suggests licensed marriage and sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.

D., resident sex expert for online adult toy retailer, .

Create the whole romantic restaurant atmosphere: Light candles, play music, and have a specialty drink or cocktail.