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If you’d like to learn more about creating a website, see Google’s Webmaster Academy.

If you know the software your website is built with, go directly to the dedicated guide: To get you started, we have put together the following general guidelines: We recommend backing up your site before making any changes or updates.

Gone are the days of figuring out a difficult software program to update your website using HTML code, tables or a language you have never heard of before.

In the past you may have used software like Microsoft Front Page, Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver to update your own website. With Word Press you can use any web browser, anywhere you have Internet access, and log on to update your website.

We've made our own CMS with the best features of expensive systems, combined with the user-friendly features of economy systems.

User Friendly Very few of our clients are web programmers; that's why they came to us! We also provide training sessions and written documentation to help our clients make the most of the CMS.Some site owners completely build their own website from scratch.Others may use an existing software package from a company like Word Press, Drupal, or Joomla, which can provide a theme, design, and templates.The software platform offers a great user experience and allows our clients to take control of their own website if they choose to do so.We will train your team to make updates and additions to your website, or we are available to maintain the website for you as well.Content Management Systems (CMS) allow for the creation, editing, organization and management of content on a web site.