Listed below are the non-security updates we released on the Download Center and Microsoft Update. Office 2007 Update for Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (KB4011203) Office 2010 Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4011188) Office 2013 Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB3172533) Update for Microsoft Office…

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You can specify the slices of the web you want to draw from – or let cutting-edge AI technology help to identify them.

Businesses of any size, hobbyists and entrepreneurs can design and deploy web search applications for any possible scenario.

And let’s be honest: Those Chrome updates, despite the frequency, were far less disruptive than any one of the Edge updates.

This is true because Edge updates are tied to the Windows servicing schedule, but it’s also true because each Edge release was a major functional upgrade with tons of sometimes confusing new features.

I’ve written some version of this story several times already, of course.

In fact, I often feel like I’m yelling at an oncoming tsunami, unaware that my increasingly shrill complaining will do nothing to stop the obvious future that is crashing down around me.With Bing Custom Search, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amicus has been able to identify its own set of relevant web pages in advance: when users have a single concept of interest (like ‘water’, ‘education’ or ‘India’), Bing Custom Search is able to deliver highly relevant results in the context of global aid.“This is exactly what our audience needs in order to learn about a broader range of important work performed by relief organizations, beyond those the donors currently know about.So despite those admittedly major updates, Edge is still very broken.We’re just a few months away from the Windows 10 two-year anniversary. In the same time period—July 2015 through March 2017, Google shipped versions of Chrome to its stable channel (meaning actual public releases that everyone gets): Chrome 44 arrived in July 2015, and version 57 arrived this March.