On your original Mac, Apple Music will delete songs without your knowledge.Your original library is scanned into i Cloud, but your songs are yours, and Apple will not automatically delete them, or replace them with its own proprietary copies.As you can see here I have a song with a title and an artist, however if I were to upload it, it would still say it is untitled by unknown.

This is so, when you're on a secondary device — like an i Phone, i Pad, or other Mac — you can stream those tracks at their highest quality without having to download local files.

These referenced files become part of your i Cloud Music Library.

As such, I've advised from the beginning to keep a master copy of your original library when using streaming services that match your library, and back up that library before signing up for anything cloud-related. i Cloud Music Library is confusing as all hell, and it's been so since the first days of i Tunes Match. In an ideal world, i Cloud Music Library would work like Dropbox, or even i Cloud Photo Library — whatever you upload is yours, it doesn't get "matched" to anything, and as long as you re-download everything before you cancel your subscription, you're fine.

But DRM and downloading streaming tracks you don't have ownership rights to mucks things up.

However if you are uploading to other places such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud, you may want to fill out the other sections. Now if you notice it says in grey text to the right of the file name, the track #, Title, Contributing artists, and album. If you have any troubles or questions feel free to leave a comment or message me.

I followed all the steps, but on Details page no entry on Contributing Artist, Year etc were accepted.

If you have tracks that in Apple Music's library — say, personal recordings, for instance — they will be uploaded as-is to your i Cloud Music Library, though songs encoded in ALAC, WAV, or AIFF will be uploaded as AAC 256kbps files for easier storage.

Once this matching and uploading process is complete, you have two libraries: your locally-stored library on your original Mac with all your old files, and an i Cloud-stored library that you can access from other devices.

When you press delete on a song in your i Tunes Library with Apple Music or i Tunes Match enabled, you'll see the following dialog: If you choose "Remove Download," it will send the local file from your hard drive to your Trash, but leave the reference in your library — so that you can stream that track directly from i Cloud Music Library.

It won't delete the file until you empty your Trash.

On windows the folder and sub-folders of My Music are formatted for music by defualt.