Garmin City Navigator maps for the Garmin nuvi 200W in-car GPS device.

Product name: nüvi® 200Registration date: Nov 29, 2008Serial number: 1GF214490Unit Id: XXXXXXXXXX Registration Code: NK7C60ZHi again, Based on the age of the unit, and the symptoms you are seeing, I would say that the battery in the unit needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, Garmin no longer offers repair service for this older unit, but you CAN get a replacement battery kit (battery and tools) for doing the job yourself at the link below.

We have a team of cartographers and engineers who develop digital geographic data that can be used in many of our products.

This mapping detail supplements your unit's existing basemap data and improves navigation.

After 5 minutes and while still plugged in, hold down the power switch for one minute. Can you tell me the AGE of your unit and when this issue first began?

It sounds like the unit will not power on at all when not connected to power.

There are other sites that sell the battery for less, but they do not include the tools.

On the page linked to below, they even have a video that shows how to do the job.

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See Garmin nuvi 200W accessories to find the right one.