It should look like this: Pick your location and hit next, next, don’t bother with viewing the readme because I am going to tell you everything important.

Now open the folder where you have installed the program to double check its directory and its contents like this: If you see those files in there then you did everything right.

updating hlds-89updating hlds-76

Your upload speed dramatically affects what type of pings you will be expecting on the server.

For an example, Server 1 has 256k upload speed and is located in LA.

Now right click on the shortcut and go to properties and in the TARGET box put the following: "C:\HLServer\youraccount\hlds.exe" maxplayers 10 -game czero -console port 27015 map de_dust2_cz The Maxplayers = the Amount of slots, so maxplayers 10 = 10 player server The Port will be 27015 because that’s the most default port so leave it as it is.

And the map…up to you, I choose de_dust2_cz because its my favorite : ) A picture of this is below: Ok, Now just double click on the Shortcut to HLDS icon on your desktop and let it fire up!

As I continue this thread, I will add more as I come across it.

Ok so step one is of course can I EVEN run a server? I have always suggested to people that you require about 20MB of RAM for each slot on the server.

So your possibly asking how to I find out my bandwidth?

Well first of all, our bandwidth, which is supplied by our ISP has the official given bandwidth and then there is the physical or throughput bandwidth.

Disclaimer**Under no circumstance may the following information posted by me (ps2cho) be copied onto any site or other medium without my personal consultation and approval.** Ok after noticing and having some people emailing me about how to setup their own HLDS Server I have decided to make an in-depth tutorial on how to figure out if you can even do it, what hardware you need and also how to setup HLDS, AMX, AMXX, How to restart the server and possibly a few other addons.

HLDS For Windows Tweaking Your Server HLDS For Linux and Counter-Strike Source HLDS First of all let’s start with some vocabulary: HLDS (Half Life Dedicated Server) RCON (The Basic Command Variables CMD (The DOS command prompt) LAN (Local Area Network) WAN (Wide Area Network - the internet) WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) CD (Change Directory) CVAR (Game settings that define how the game reacts to everything you do. Gravity CFG (Config File) AMX (Another versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which allows you to elaborate on your abilities in the server beyond RCON) AMXX (AMX Mod X is a versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which is targeted toward server administration) Admin Mod (Although this is another choice for administration, I do not recommend it over AMXX unless your computer is very slow.

So, my personal suggestions would be: 08Player Server = 160MB RAM 10Player Server = 200MB RAM 12Player Server = 240MB RAM 16Player Server = 320MB RAM 18Player Server = 360MB RAM 24Player Server = 480MB RAM 28Player Server = 560MB RAM 32Player Server = 640MB RAM So you have determined the correct amount of RAM you need for the server. What you WILL find although is that if you decide to add bots to the server, you will experience some choppy’ ness in the server because now it has to process your commands, and control bots at the same time. The initial HLDS can range from 550MB to 700MB depending on the Mod you wish to use the server for.