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Bethany is involved in numerous charitable efforts, including her own foundation, Friends of Bethany, which reaches out to amputees and youth, encouraging a broken world by offering hope to overcome through Jesus Christ.

Using her platform as a professional athlete to promote living a fit and healthy lifestyle, she authored the book BODY AND SOUL in 2014.

“Sex assaults, rapes, sodomies, extortion, a lot of it has to do with extortion, revenge porn,” former Honolulu police officer and cybercrimes investigator Chris Duque said.

“It’s giving your kid a loaded gun.”Lovell would sneak out of her house in Blacksburg, and met with Eisenhauer in Virginia on January 27.

If you'd like to request a replacement license, please see our Replacing a Lost License in Hawaii page.

To renew your Hawaii driver license in person, visit your local Hawaii DMV office.

Please see the fees section below for renewal fees by age: You can renew your Hawaii drivers license either in person or by mail. The requirements differ based on whether your license is: If your HI driver's license is expired under 1 year you can reactivate it. Once reactivated, you can renew your HI driver license.

You may be required to take a vision test and a skills test.

Surfing has been a way life for Bethany since she was able to get on a board.

Coming back from her attack, she found solid success in surfing competition, but now truly looks to make her mark as a professional surfer in the free surfing arena (chasing waves, getting photos/videos published, and “Living The Search”).

Before your HI driver's license expires, you need to renew it so you can continue to drive legally in the state.