She was on set in Atlanta when she got the call that Michael had died. A., plunging headlong into a private family grief served up to a ravenous public. Janet, who said a brief and quiet thank-you, was greeted with thunderous applause. Today she is sitting in a bunkerlike recording studio in Hollywood, writing songs for a new album, due out next spring.

Of course, one of the most moving images from the memorial service was of Michael’s daughter, Paris, who stepped up to the microphone and said, “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine” before grabbing her aunt Janet for support. “People said to me that Michael’s daughter speaking really gave them a sense of how he was as a father, in her words. Nickelodeon is on the TV (perhaps the only network not doing Michael 24/7), incense is burning, and she is trying to discourage her French bulldog, Bullwinkle, a birthday gift from brother Jermaine, from nibbling at her towering Azzedine Alaïa lizard sandals. “Work helps focus all of that energy on something that is of value to you.” She’s just back from vacation, a princely three days on a beach.

“Ntozake Shange’s play is a magnificent tribute to the strength and dignity of women of color, and I think audiences of all generations will be able to recognize and embrace the experiences these women represent.

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Rhythm Nation 1814, her groundbreaking album, was released 20 years ago this fall.

She has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and had 41 Billboard number-one singles.

But he hasn't publicly commented on his sexual preference.

Perry has been romantically linked to everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Janet Jackson to Tyra Banks.

“My brother is, I mean was…” She shifts on the couch and stares at the floor. Everybody else tried, but it was no good.” On stage, she adds, “if it was shiny, if it had any kind of bling, he loved it. Do you remember that black jacket he wore for Motown’s 25th anniversary? That last day Janet saw Michael, “he had a Balmain jacket on.

“You have to forgive me, because it’s really hard to believe he’s passed. [Michael was then 21 and a megastar.] I washed his clothes, cleaned his room. He had a few of them — all black, jeweled, studded, with rhinestones.” While the public obsesses over what will happen to Michael’s estate, including his famous jackets, Janet is not interested in wearing them herself. “They should go to the children, if anything.” Janet made a poignant point about family and celebrity at June’s BET Awards. To us, Michael is family.”) “You know, people see this of you,” she says, gesturing to the television.“It was the first time I had to myself since Michael passed, the first time I could get away since all of that.” Janet doesn’t like talking much, so it’s not hard to understand why people applaud when she opens her mouth.While she is the baby of the Jackson family, she is, in many ways, its nexus.He’d have the same red shirt, the same black pants, the same white T-shirt. When Mother would go out of town, she’d say, ‘I’m leaving you in charge. “They have a fantasy in their mind, and to really get to know the true person, it’s different. He was always very protective of me.” Even though they were stars since childhood, the two didn’t speak about how brutal the spotlight could be. We never discussed it.” There are other things Janet would like the world to know about Michael. The last time we were together, he’d laugh so hard, he would just start crying. He loved the Three Stooges, he loved slapstick, he loved Eddie Murphy in his silly comedies. He loved to play.” If Janet had one more day with her brother (whose nickname for her, incidentally, was Dunk), she would “relive that moment we had when we were kids, do our little run: We’d wake up, feed the animals, spend the entire day together.” She smiles at the memory, and Janet’s smile is magnificent. I hope people get a glimpse of him now, some sort of picture.” Now Janet sits atop an empire and a family mythology much of her own making and under her control, an iconic performer mourning her brother and planning what’s next.Take care of Mike.’ I would head home from school, see what he needed, then go straight to the stores.” She giggles a little and says, “You know something else? His penny loafers would have huge holes in the bottom.” One thing Michael did prize, of course, was his single white glove. That was it.” Did he wear the glove to Jackson family dinners? “People have actually said that I should get it insured, but I never liked my smile until about six or seven years ago. “You know, I never look back on what I’ve done unless I’m asked,” she says, “but I remember Mike saying, ‘You need to stop and enjoy it. And now, coming off all this, it’s even beyond that.