For XP users, the installation program adds the program group Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor to your Start/Programs menu, and a shortcut to your desktop (optional).

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When you go to activate on a new machine, you can do so on that machine as long as you have activated on less than 5 new machines in the last 60 days.

Effectively, for every activation on a new machine, 60 days later your number of available activations will increase by 1. At any time, including if you have currently run up against your limit, you can deactivate a currently activated machine to reclaim that activation for use on a different machine.7.

The installer will prompt for the CD Key which is provided either in your confirmation email, your game manual/packaging, or game card.5. For online play we strongly recommend installing Punkbuster since it’s required in order to join Punkbuster enabled servers.

Only Punkbuster enabled servers will report your stats, so in order to progress in ranks, receive unlocks and gain stats you will need to have Punkbuster running and play on Punkbuster enabled servers.6.

Once a machine has been activated you can play without an online connection.

You are allowed to activate the game on up to 5 new machines in any given 60 day time period.

Online authentication requires an internet connection but doesn’t require the Medal of Honor disc in the drive to be able to play. With online authentication you get an unlimited number of activations.

Activation happens automatically the first time you run the game on a new machine.

Under Programs/Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor select “Medal of Honor” to play.