Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad told CBS News that several of the company’s own employees shed light on the problem of in-app harassment against transgender users that many others in the company at large weren’t aware of.

For example, not only did transgender users say they received inappropriate messages, but they were also being “reported” to the app unfairly by other users.

This is going to be an ongoing thing for the company — it’s not just us.

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After you have created some rapport with your transgender girlfriend, don’t be ashamed to tell her that you have a limited budget.“We also focused on education throughout the Tinder community.We trained our team on what is acceptable and what is not and how best to handle cases.The move is seen as a step forward for people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming who wanted to be better represented by the popular app.Crucially, these updates also aim to create a safer, more accepting environment for transgender users.In 2014, Facebook started letting users choose from more than 50 different terms for describing their identity.