In South African terms, one could consider the buyers one-night-blessers, I guess. You’ll notice I put quotes around all the ‘dates’ because, let’s face it, it’s patently clear this isn’t about a meeting of hearts to investigate possible romantic connections.Anyone using the site with this in mind is better served spending their cash on a workshop in emotional and physical boundaries. Because although there is obviously an opportunity for consenting adults to agree to sex on this ‘date’, for all kinds of legal and contextual reasons no one mentions it along with the transactional side of this business.

The other day I got an email from a new dating site wanting a collab/meeting/ad space, you know, the usual yadda yadda. When I met them I already knew I wouldn’t do ad space, but it was an intriguing topic and I was probably going to write about it anyway, so here we are. Like Tinder, the ‘date’ buyer can swipe through a selection of available ‘providers’ in their area.

Normally I don’t pay attention to this sort of thing, because if you have any sort of public digital space, people want you to sell their shit for them. Or, if the ‘provider’ has chosen to remain private, they can swipe through buyers looking in their area and they decide whether to connect or not.

Those who are selling ‘dates’ – women and men – can upload their profiles to the site (no nudies, the site admin keeps the platform tidy that way) and their hourly rate.

The developers of this site are tweaking ideas used to some success with and, both paid-for dating services up north.

Wil je verzekerd zijn van veel keuze en een gemêleerd publiek zijn dit prima datingsites. Wil je meer reviews en ervaringen lezen, ook over minder bekende datingsites? Ook variëren datingsites onderling sterk wat betreft kosten.

Datingsites als e-matching en Lexa zijn relatief goedkoop.

But the presser from Pro Date interested me because it was a little something different from the usual fair. Time on sale is factored at a per hour rate, which starts at R1300 (site cut incl.) Then, like Uber, after the ‘date’ both seller and buyer rate each other.

It’s a paid dating service ‘inspired by Tinder and Uber’ and with the tagline: ‘Stop wasting your time trying to find a hot date. If the buyer was an arsehole, future providers will know about it and they stand the risk of being booted off the system.

We helpen je graag bij het kiezen van de datingsite die het beste aansluit bij jouw wensen.

Vul onderstaande velden in om de verschillende Nederlandse datingsites te vergelijken.

Especially a site that allows them to act autonomously and ‘anonymously’ if they like.