Let me better describe what I mean by "over-communicating." One of my clients, Ruth, met a great guy named Brian and the two seemed to hit it off.He texted her after the first date and they started a fun conversation.

So when you start a new relationship or soon after a first date, you might be tempted to be in touch with your guy frequently.

While you may think this demonstrates your interest and is a normal way of getting to know someone, is that how a man feels, too?

She knows a man who is interested will put in the effort to reach out to her.

When you over communicate, you appear desperate, needy or lacking in confidence.

But, the last thing he bargained for was a never-ending account of Ruth’s travel activities after just one date.

She got carried away and over-communicated with Brian, turning off a new man with great potential.Simply tell him, It doesn't matter how good your berry bomb lips look when speaking; what really matters is how you communicate, and communication isn't just your words.It's the key to getting to know yourself, letting others see the real you, and getting the man of your dreams.Having good communication means being authentic at all costs, even if it means losing a chance with him. But your ears aren't just to show off your big silver hoops.He will know when you aren't being real, and no good man wants to be with a faker. When you're in a conversation, sometimes less is more.Cross your legs or ankles, ladies, at least until you get to know each other. well, you will look like one wearing a dress and blue mascara.