When you are so desperate for his approval and so accommodating to his schedule, then he doesn’t feel a need to step up or lock you down because…why should he?

What it really comes down to is being a woman who values herself and is confident in who she is.

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By that, I mean fill your life with fun, meaningful activities.

And do not cancel any of these fun, meaningful activities just because he calls and wants to see you.

The frequency of calls and texts declined…he was always “too busy” to hang out…he stopped initiating contact (but would always respond when I reached out to him, acting nice and normal like always)…

Eventually, I stopped reaching out because it was starting to make me feel like an idiot…and he was never to be heard from again.

When you are this person, you won’t have to “play games” and will naturally activate a man’s natural desire to pursue.

Since you are living your life and aren’t relying on his approval to make you happy, he automatically steps up and tries to carve space for himself in your life.

We went on two dates in November and have only made small talk on the rare occasions that we run into eachother at work. (we work together but only see eachother once a week). How do I make myself clear that I am interested in him as more than just chit chat work buddies without having to WAIT until he makes contact with me. I have no problem if he doesn't feel the same but it is the NOT KNOWING that is killer.

(we work together but only see eachother once a week). Sooo..should I just WAIT until he asks me out again, IF he even does it or should I make some kind of contact with him and let him know that I really want to go out with him?? Its possible that when you turned him down from the date he thought you were turning him down for good or just weren't as interested in him.

Since Craig and I lived somewhat of a distance away (maybe about 40 minutes) I went out of my way to see him when it was convenient for him.

There were forces working against us and I didn’t want to make things worse by being unaccommodating.

He was a bartender at a restaurant I used to frequent and after several flirty exchanges, he finally asked for my number.