But to do so, a federal agency would have to take the case to court.

Steinfeld identified as a male-to-female, transgender lesbian on social media and spoke with her sister, Ashleigh Boswell, about being transgender.

"That is a hate crime in itself."Sheriff James Sigman told a KY3 reporter that he also does not believe it is a hate crime.

Despite the horrific details of a transgender teen's recent death, Texas County authorities say they don't believe the killing was a hate crime.

The burned remains of 17-year-old Joey Steinfeld, who also used the name Ally, were found last week near a mobile home just north of Cabool.

"All transmisogynists are cowards."Former Springfield resident Steph Perkins now serves as executive director for PROMO, an LGBTQ advocacy group headquartered in St.

Louis."We don't know enough about what happened to really speculate (if the murder was a hate crime)," Perkins said.

Another has been charged with tampering with evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

Ally Steinfeld was 17 when the teen was killed earlier this month in Texas County.

Three people have been charged with first degree murder.

A fourth person has been charged with abandonment of a corpse.

"It just don't make any sense."Steinfeld's father, Joseph Steinfeld Sr., said the family got worried when no one heard from the teen on Sept. I don't know how somebody can do what they did to my child."He and his wife, Amber, say they are angry that they had to learn the gruesome details about their child's death in the media and not from investigators."It's a nightmare we can't wake up from."Authorities say the three suspects burned Steinfeld's body, placed some of the bones into a garbage bag and put the bag in the chicken coop.

9, what would have been the younger Steinfeld's 18th birthday. Louis to Texas County to hand out missing person fliers and talk to teen's new group of friends — the same people who are now suspects in the murder."I personally talked to AJ (Andrew Vrba). Calderas admitted helping burn the body and led authorities to the knife used in the killing, according to the probable cause statement. Grigsby, has been arrested in connection with Steinfeld's death.

Two young women, Briana Calderas, 24, and Isis Schauer, 18, told authorities they helped burn Steinfeld's body after 18-year-old Andrew Vrba gouged out Steinfeld's eyes, repeatedly stabbed the teen — including multiple times in the genitals — and bragged about the killing earlier this month, according to court records.