(And if I really need to hug a tall guy, I’ll go to my dad or my brother) It’s quite simple really: I just wasn’t willing to let my height limit my choice in partner the way it limits my choice in clothing, shoes or plane seats for instance.

tall girl dating a shorter guy-52

So why are many women, including myself, still programmed to think like this?

I’ve always wished to be a couple of inches shorter so I could wear high heels and not feel like a walking tree.

Plenty of ‘jokes’ about how short(er) guys even dare think that tall girls are interested in them on Instagram consolidate this argument.

If you think about it; isn’t this just as shallow as not wanting to date someone because of their weight, hair colour, or because they sneeze funny?

At just under 5ft 10in, I consider myself a tall woman.

The average male in England is 5ft 10in, while the typical female is a mere 5ft 5ins, so you could say I’m well over average height for my gender.

And isn’t it fair to say that we all tend to agree with Beyonce to prove our independence when she sings ‘Who run the world (Girls)’? My husband is quite a bit shorter than me (I’m 6’2, he’s 5’8”).

What he may lack in height, he makes up for in personality.

A long long time ago, when men and women were considered to have very specific male and female "duties" – to be a hunter-gatherer (men), and to look after the kids (women), you could say it was almost necessary for the men to be bigger so they were able to successfully carry out said duties.