Most gamers can chat about their favorites for hours.One way to really get to know your boyfriend is to encourage him to talk about him.

And remember: Your sexual journey is just beginning.

You have time to consider your options and people to help you make healthy decisions. Be one of the “lucky” ones who listens, learns and loves wisely.

“There was pretty high electronic sound last time,” she said.

“This time, there was very little.” Rodriguez nodded, studying the printout.

“So if she sees a car you can say, ‘Yes, that’s a car. She leaned over her shoulder and said, “See, this shows the percentage of adult words.

”Rodriguez noted that Eilen had recently become so enthralled by an animated show, “Bubble Guppies,” that she had become “stuck on that word ‘guppy.’ ” She went on, “Everything’s ‘guppy, guppy, guppy.’ So when she refers to something as ‘guppy’ I try to correct it—like, ‘No, that’s not a guppy. Once a month, Eilen wears a small recording device for the day, and the recording is then analyzed.

If he's a new boyfriend, asking fun questions to get to know him, is a good start.

Further down the line, ask him about deeper matters that will help solidify an emotional bond. Other great topics to discuss include: Offering the guy some insights and opportunities is not only a great way to get him talking. Most guys have an interest in sports, so talking or asking questions about his favorite sport, is one way to get him talking.

Castrillón said, “Well, I think right now the important thing won’t be so much telling her no but just adding words and repeating them, so she’ll start repeating them on her own.”Rodriguez is enrolled in a program called Providence Talks, the most ingenious of several new programs across the country that encourage low-income parents to talk more frequently with their kids.