As of 28 October 2007 this list of Wilderness Logos is complete and getting all the logos here (except Future) will get you Wilderness Mentalist title through the Wilderness Targets of Opportunity mission.

tabula rasa patch not updating-21

You can see the new test server patch notes for patch 1.4 here.

Looks like there are a ton of core fundamental game play and character changes again..I think there will be an attribute reset too.

Maybe it's a special price or something, but we thought we'd let you know just in case it's seasonal. Well because it makes Attas weaker (but not less annoying).

Also, they still have Collector's Editions in stock; I bought a copy a couple days ago. We played around with the patch for a bit, but we found that most of us were setting up auctions and buying stuff from the auction house...i mean 'Military Surplus' instead of testing the other changes.

First of all, we need to apologize for the lack of updates.

The reason is that we've been working to bring you a coordinate mapping system for Tabula Rasa Logos, points of interests, NPCs, etc.

We've been refining the map location system and database.

We've still got a ways to go before we can launch it.

To correct information about each Logos element you have to update each respective Logos element article.

We're so busy doing other secondary projects and real-life commitments that we've had to slow down on game time.

The soundbytes include different base announcements, AFS and Bane warcries (aka 'battle grunts') and a ton of other sounds. I was looking for a present for someone, and decided, 'Hey maybe I'll wean him off of another MMORPG and get him Tabula Rasa!