However, as Microsoft recently said in a blog post, some users may be intentionally blocked because of known issues which aren’t yet patched.If you can’t get the update, it may be for your own good.

Alongside marquee features like Paint 3D and Game Mode, the Creators Update introduces dozens of smaller ease-of-use improvements, and tons of minor changes throughout Windows 10.

Like every major OS update, however, the Creators Update is not without its problems.

These are the files Windows Update is trying to use to update your Windows install.

Finally, go back to your command prompt and type “net start wuauserv” and hit enter. Now, fire up Windows Update, and re-download the Creators Update. Windows Defender has proven itself as a reliable anti-malware tool, but it’s only as good as its malware definitions — its frequently updated catalog of malware tools and threats, which it uses to keep us safe.

Unfortunately some Creators Update users are experiencing crashes when they try to update their Windows Defender malware definitions.

If your Windows Defender is spitting out error messages when you try to update, or just not updating at all you have a couple options available. Some users on the Windows Insider support boards have had some success just hitting the update button a couple times, but that’s not exactly an elegant solution.

It’s unclear whether or not this is actually a bug or if it’s just part of Microsoft’s push to get everyone to register a Microsoft Account, but there’s an easy workaround.

Just login to your PC normally, and click on your notification center — the little icon on the bottom right of your system tray — and hit the Network button. From here , just turn off Wi-Fi or your Ethernet connection, and you should be good to go.

Still, those who really want the latest version of Windows can always download the installer and proceed from there.