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The next time Mann knew Havens would be passing through the airport, he told her a note would be waiting for her in their special place. I've been in Holland for 4 days and still can't get over the story that took place here.

Upon his girlfriend’s arrival, Mann appeared at the Starbucks on one knee, bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other! I am so so grateful for all of your shared joy and tears.

🎉🙌🏻💍 A post shared by E S T H E R H A V E N S (@estherhavens) on Mann also made sure that Havens’s closest family members were there to witness the moment.

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Yesterday, the beverage gods at Starbucks announced they plan to expand the coffee giant’s booze and small-plate offerings to thousands of stores over the next few years. More importantly, if you and I have never gone out on a date before, I don’t want to know that you equate me with the Mumford and Sons of coffeehouses.

Which means wine and beer, dishes like bacon-wrapped dates and truffle mac and cheese, and desserts will soon come to an after-4 p.m. This tells me one of several things: either you don’t enjoy original thinking; don’t find it worth your precious time and energy to impress me with your worldly, nuanced interests; or think if I took a “Which Obnoxious Starbucks Order Are You? A Subway Sandwich Artist Moments Prior to Crafting Your Subway Sandwich 95. White folks who move into Black neighborhoods should have to adapt to cultural differences too. Here’s two articles from the Atlantic on the issue – In Defense of Gentrification and This Is What Happens After a Neighborhood Gets Gentrified.” – S “When Black folks move to suburbs they have had to adapt to the culture. It’ll be congested but the overnight growth is amazing.” – M In response to: In Charlotte’s trendy neighborhoods, a culture clash of black and white, rich and poor “Let me get this straight, saying someone needs to cut their grass, that their house needs to be painted, or they need to clean up their yard is racist? There are plenty of racist things that happen in this city, complaining about a neighbor’s grass isn’t one of them.” – P “I do think the burden is on white residents to ‘get this right,’ as we’ve left a legacy of white flight and marginalization that is ours to rectify.” – A “Charlotte Agenda: A place for reverse racism and hating people who are successful.” – R “It’s very disturbing that something like this was turned into a race issue vs an issue of children disturbing the peace in their area. Always good to know that if I’m making out with my boo, you’ll be watching from some dark, distant corner and writing a s***y article about it.” – S In response to: Amélie’s French Bakery & Café will open its sixth location in the Backlot at Park Road Shopping Center on Saturday 7/22. “Montford/Park Rd is arguably going to be the best neighborhood in Charlotte.When you imagine your ideal marriage proposal, it probably doesn’t take place in an airport Starbucks.