Examples: behind rocks on the edge of a map, or on a different elevation than the destination.Alife Tweaks - Advanced) to a small value like 5 or 10, then explore the level to locate the place where the bad entity exists.id_parent=1350 id_entity=1312 frame=11471 stack trace: Scheduler tried to update object lvl_community_respawn_xxxxx (e.g., esc_soldier_respawn_11350) This crash typically occurs when a newly-killed NPC's dropped weapon is destroyed by the game while being processed by another thread (e.g., being evaluated as a possible replacement by another NPC).

You may be able to avoid most hard lockups by using the -silent_error_mode command line parameter at the end of the target line in the shortcut you use to start STALKER.

The crash might still occur, but the game will simply exit to the desktop most of the times when a crash occurs. This is the complete pathname for the file containing the function that had the problem. It is a path on the developer's PC to tell him the source file that had the error.

Note: If this crash happens consistently, consider changing/updating video drivers. Check for dust bunnies in the video card fan/heatsink, and possibly underclock the video card.

FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : assertion failed [error]Function : CSafe Fixed Rotation State::create [error]File : E:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xr_3da\xr Game\phvalidevalues.h [error]Line : 81 [error]Description : d Body State Valide(b) stack trace: Kill the controller(s) before they enter this state.

However, more memory will reduce swapping to/from the hard drive virtual-memory (page file) cache, up to 3.5 GB.

Reduce your texture quality, or perhaps even revert to DX8 mode (static lighting). Append the quoted stuff to the end of the target line for the shortcut you use to launch STALKER, like so: \bin\XR_3-noprefetch If you are running 32-bit Vist, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can use the command "bcdedit /set Increase User VA 2700" while logged on with Administrator rights. This is often just a driver error problem, likely caused by STALKER passing in bad data to a video driver function or perhaps due to a stalled or hung thread so that the processing is not handled in a timely manner.

Detail Path Manager has failed : from [142.099976,-4.614447,445.899963] to [142.099976,-5.792273,443.799988] stack trace: 001B:01E59454 xr 001B:01E5E8A4 xr 001B:01E5E584 xr An NPC or mutant was switched online in a bad place, and there is no possible connection path to the destination.

STALKER uses a grid network of squares with connections to adjoining squares, but some squares are isolated.

Either rush to the controller and deal with it, or use the ZRP 1.07 debug code (debug mode must be enabled; default: Esc D K [mnemonic: debug kontroller]) to kill all on-line controllers before they crash the game.