I am sure that whoever was there, felt at home, felt the actual human bond, and felt a real Sri Lankan.These, in fact, point too many of the commonalities we share as human beings.Be the first contact point for the youth of all ethnicities and religious groups across Sri Lanka to come together for reconciliation.

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In this critical period of transition for the country, we have the opportunity to replace a culture of divisiveness and conflict and be a voice for change; for hope and reconciliation.

The Sri Lanka Unites movement represents this choice of our nation’s youth, from ethnic and religious groups, from across the country, to rise up and provide a new voice.

Sri Lanka is a destination that stimulates all the senses.

This island of 20 million is where blue whales and humpbacks play offshore (in-season nearly year-round in one of two locations), and its national parks are some of the world’s best places to spot leopards, not to mention, elephants and Technicolor birds (more than 400 species).

Building an itinerary requires taking a good look at priorities and interests.

And try to avoid the temptation of squeezing too much in.

'YOUTH LEADERSHIP FOR A UNITED COUNTRY' As the next generation moves into leadership, we, the youth of Sri Lanka hold the future of our country in our hands.

Champions of Change is an initiative that partners two or more schools from different ethnic, religious and social settings to work together in projects that address as a specific need in the community they live in.

Although differences outweigh the similarities in number, the similarities / commonalities make us more human, more bounded to each other I am really impressed with the work of Sri Lanka Unites and only wish I had longer to chat with the young leaders you are supporting.

It was inspiring to hear some of their stories and commitment to ensuring lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

Trust us, you’ll soon see why they call this place the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.