The original concept of having costumed students parade down Main Street continues on as well on the Friday preceding the Grand Day parade.

Anoka residents can watch their grandchildren or great grandchildren continue the tradition they started so many years ago.

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Anoka has always worked to keep a family spirit alive in its Halloween festivities.

Activities have included pillow fights, a kangaroo court, fireworks displays, royalty coronations, concerts, dances, window painting contests, house decorating contests, celebrity appearances, costume contests, style shows, story-telling, races and, in the 1960s, a snake dance that took long lines of participants in and out of area businesses and homes.

In 1920, George Green and other Anoka civic leaders suggested the idea of a giant celebration.

The idea was adopted by the Anoka Commercial Club and the Anoka Kiwanis Club; both giving their full support.

In September of that year, a Halloween committee was organized.

Working hand in hand were businessmen, teachers from the Anoka public and parochial schools, parents, and students..

Anoka’s Halloween celebration continues to be world class.

Participation in the night parade and Grand Day parade has grown to include units from all over the midwest.

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