External executables, which are called replication agents, move the data from the Publisher to the Distributor and then to the Subscriber.The type of replication agent is dependent upon the type of replication being used.

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To help you, I'll first briefly go over replication terminology and describe how the various components work together toward a solution.

I'll then step you through a standard deployment of transactional replication, which is a common type of replication.

An article is a specific object within the publication database that you want to distribute to another database.

Some of the permitted article object types include user-defined tables, stored procedures, and views.

A subscription can be defined as (data is pulled to the subscription database from the Subscriber).

Push subscriptions are more common with snapshot and transactional replication deployments.

Posted by Andrey Ivanov | On April 6th, 2017 | In Customer Story, Data Management, Database Upgrades, SQL Server | Tags: change data capture, data migration, database upgrades, MS SQL Server, Power Shell, replication, SQL Server 2016, sql server upgrade A major bank in Europe that we’ve been working with over the years wanted to get help in upgrading SQL Server 2008 to 2016.

Since we performed the migration process originally from DB2 to SQL Server we had a deep knowledge of the customer’s data.

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