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Compare that strategy to one of them there SEC teams, which can have as many as eight at home.

“This year, coming off the probation, it was very important for us to have seven home games,” Lopes explained.

Yes, even with Arkansas State and Idaho labeled as “Tier 5” and “Tier 7” teams, according to a Bleacher ranking of all 128 FBS teams this season. == To prove how much the latest Tom Brady NFL ruling is a game changer, can someone create a scoreboard that shows how many times lawyers in courtrooms around the country will start expediting terms like “legally misplaced” and “industrial justice” in their closing arguments? Before something called Sammy the Slipknot, Archie the Anchor or something that looks like Popeye and smells like Donald Sterling comes into play to scare the kids, care to fill out a form for the suggestion box?

Some have USC’s schedule as high as the second-toughest based on the eye test. == By our math, Corey Seager becomes the 50th different shortstop for the Dodgers since 2000. == There were 56,000-times-three available seats for the recent Dodgers-Giants series at Dodger Stadium, yet the official crowd count was reported to be 40,851 (73 percent full, and far less by the 14th inning), 48,060 (85 percent) and 41,648 (74 percent)? == Are the Miami Marlins looking at Don Mattingly’s managerial potential through some fish-eye lens?

The annual Notre Dame meeting takes one, so depending on the odd or even year, there’s a balanced five home and five road games already built in.

USC’s goal to have seven home games make dollars and sense.Home-and-home series with out-of-conference opponents are a priority, but “the pool of opponents that don’t return a game is limited, especially west of the Rockies.If we want to fill two home dates without a return game, it’s pretty small (to pick from).” Hence, these two Sun Belt Conference teams will take the nice check and return home, presumably in one piece.Home versus LSU in ’21, then a dangerous trip to Baton Rouge in ’24.Home-and-home with Michigan starting in ’22 at Ann Arbor. Still, the Bruins have Fresno State, Hawaii, Cincinnati, San Diego State, South Alabama and Rutgers dotted in there as well. == When the decimal points settles, should Lopes be apologizing for the data that says USC still has the fourth-toughest schedule in the country according to the ESPN Football Power Index (which may have been true when first posted in July, but the current list has USC tied for ninth)? == There’s some talk that the Clippers may have a mascot for the coming season.The Trojans’ carbon footprints are going to be all over them.