She described the impressive progress of and insisted on the relative background role these experts play in real investigations.

After all presentations were done, attendees gathered in an auditorium where the panel of speakers, moderated by Kieran Fitzgerald (’s screenwriter), answered questions from the audience.

Use this activity to increase pupils knowledge about the planets.

Nevertheless, they saluted the efforts of The Exchange in tackling these flaws, with some recognizing movies for which the program had sparked connections, like , as being significantly beneficial.

In all, this was an evening full of passion: scientists spoke from their hearts and attendees fell in love.

Harris to speak of dreams fueled by Google’s innovation.

She described how her team attempts to solve “grand grand challenges” through radical solutions.

Starting at 7 p.m., seven scientists rotated among seven groups to make the most of 7 minutes to explain their life’s work. The fast-paced presentation is a challenge of self-discipline for both the speakers and the audience. Each of them fished a vintage style motel keychain out of a metal bucket before joining a convivial reception on the second floor.

The night’s attendance of about 150 was as varied as the science menu............................................................................. Written by: Damien Bérubé Last week, The Exchange held its popular Science Speed Dating event at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and it was no ordinary speed dating! This authentic experience began the minute attendees stepped through the glass doors leading to the vast and elegant lobby of CAA.Ending her presentation on a hopeful note, she passed the torch to the next speaker, Karishma Shah.An employee at X (formerly Google X) Shah picked up on the hopeful vibes of Dr.Soon enough, the countdown had already begun and much like Groundhog Day, the group had to start all over again with a new expert. Tshaka Cunningham, a charismatic molecular biologist with the U. With enthusiasm, and a bit of courage, he describes his wish for a future where the powers of biotechnology are unlocked for good.