Unlike online dating, what you see is really what you get!

A great night out for Auckland singles head to Libertine behind Victoria Park Market.

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Speed dating is a fun, easy and safe way to meet at 10-12 new people in one night.

You’ll be able to add 10-12 potential dates to your contact list after one night out and you’ll meet attractive & fun singles who are on the market and ready to find someone like you!

Mostly aged 40 , regular members tend to have a young-at-heart, humorous approach.

We're more than happy to have you along if you're younger though.Are you Christian and looking for a fun way to meet other Christian singles? We ask that you only register if you consider yourself a Christian.By claiming you are a ' Christian', we assume that you have made a personal commitment of some kind to the Christian faith, and/or have an affinity with God.Then you are straight into the exciting world of Speed Dating with your first date of the evening.A bell sounds after five minutes and you record on your Speeding Ticket if you would like to meet the person again.We’ll help answer all your mature dating and relationship queries.