Also, we’d love to see your adventures this summer.

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You want to be different or spice it up with your girl? After all, I am from the lovely 239 and I am here to help you make your first, your second or just your normal Friday date night a success for all of the people in Fort Myers, Florida.

As cliché this may sound, a romantic walk on the beach will forever melt any girls heart.

This is a perfect Saturday daytime trip to do with you and your boo. After naming activities that you and your significant other can do in the city of Fort Myers, I thought it would be nice to end my ideas with a romantic night in with just you and your girl.

Nothing is better than putting on your favorite pajamas and some fuzzy socks, cooking dinner with candles lit on the tabletop.

Visit a Vineyard | Sons & Daughters Farm and Winery. Skydive | Miami Skydiving Center (this is where we went!!!

If you post a video, tag us so we can feature you in one of our upcoming videos! Invite your most fun friends, grab your girls and escape a room by solving a murder, escape area 52 or just a normal bedroom.It’s beautiful, historic and full of delicious restaurants.Take your lover up in the sky for a view over the ocean or a chance to see a breath-taking sunset like no other for 5 an hour.Call Paragon today to book your flight and start saving up your money; it for sure will be a date to remember. You are given clues and an hour to escape from a room and it's located near the Bell Tower mall. Go on a Roof Top and Watch the City/the Area at Night | In West Palm Beach, a great place is parking garages!