The song further parodies the acronym of YOLO at the end from "You Only Live Once" to You Oughta Look Out.

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“I haven’t heard him say that he would have a factory here to put people to work.

I haven’t heard his daughter say they would start a factory here to put people to work, so I’m confused. ’” It’s been a long wait ILOSM fam,’ but New Edition’s Ronnie De Voe and his wife, Shamari, have finally decided that the world meets their twin baby boys.

"YOLO" parodies the phrase, and once again reworks the phrase to mean something else.

The song's lyrics interpret "You Only Live Once" to mean the complete opposite of dangerous and irresponsible behavior, and to instead be over secure and protective of life, in a pessimistic viewpoint.

Chrisette’s been getting dragged to hell and back ever since her decision to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. READ MORE Two days before Heatwave co-founder, Keith Wilder, is laid to rest on Monday, November 6th, his family has revealed that they have many question about the details surrounding his death.

Ten million people have accessed to his My Space page.Collipark at one point said, "To an adult who doesn't know what's going on with him, it appears to be a fad.But if you do the research and look at the real fans, his presence is like a cult.The song urges the public to be fully aware of their surroundings and the hazards of everyday life, since everything, in the writer's viewpoint, is a threat to life.The lyrics also satirize basic knowledge of economical events, dangerous activities and life-threatening events, and make reference to famous or not-so-famous acts done by other famous people or citizens ("Then bury all your money in the backyard like a Beagle", "Build a bomb shelter basement with titanium walls").Since there weren’t stunt doubles back then, there were times when Grier suffered mild injuries in the process of bringing scenes to life. “They painted my cast to look like a boot, and I’m limping. ’ It looks good.” She went on to wish the best for actresses of today.