Later, dark secrets from Sebastian's past surface when it's learned that the fatal shooting was actually a failed attempt to kill him.

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Add veteran agents David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard), Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno) and Nikki Betancourt (Sophina Brown), colleagues Larry Fleinhardt (Peter Mac Nicol) and Amita Ramaujan (Navi Rawat) plus the brothers' dad Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch) and you have some of the most compelling and powerful crime drama ever.

FBI Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) couldn't be more by-the-book, utilizing his instincts, leadership skills and top forensic training methods to break cases; meantime his brother, Charlie (David Krumholtz), a math genius and Cal Sci professor, employs probability and statistical equations to help the FBI think outside the crime.

In one of the biggest casting announcements this pilot season, Gellar is reprising her role as Kathryn Merteuil in the TV adaptation of the ’90s film.

C.” alum joins Sarah Michelle Gellar as a series regular in the pilot.

I know that God would have made you an angel in heaven too.

You're (sic) expressions and wit will always be something that I will remember forever.

Season 2, Episode 2September 30, 2007Sebastian reopens the murder investigation of Isaac's fiancée from four years ago because he believes the person responsible for the crime isn't the one who was convicted.

But Sebastian doesn't tell Isaac the news and he forbids Raina, who is dating Isaac, from informing him.

Season 2, Episode 13April 29, 2008Sebastian has a personal stake in building a case against an underworld kingpin: He's working with the state attorney general's office on a covert deal that could keep him from being disbarred for covering up a 1996 murder committed by a former client.