The fact that he is not communicating does not sound like a good sign, as he must be ruminating over his anxieties by himself.

When I was doing something similar, my girlfriend acted disappointed and upset that I would not share what was on my mind. When I realized how important it was for me to talk with her about what is going on in my mind, regardless of how silly or sad it sounded to me at first, I started opening up to her more, and I think that also has brought us closer together. Moreover, I hope that he will start opening up to you more about what he is going through.

The most important thing to add to that, however, is that your boyfriend IS at least trying to make progress to heal from his anxiety (such as by using the materials from this program).

By slowly helping him come to believe those facts, his anxieties will have a lesser grip on him, and he will start to see the same great qualities in himself that you see.

Best wishes, Lost Thank you so much for your reply lostinchina.

I initially tried to convince him I would never leave him and that I find him fascinating and love him. Have you ever told someone they are too good for you or you don't know if you can be who they deserve? Similar to your boyfriend, I also struggle with anxiety, have expressed doubts about myself, and at times have not felt good enough for my girlfriend either.

I think what you have been doing so far sounds excellent, which is simply telling him that you'll be there for him no matter what and also by being open about your own insecurities.

fast forward to 2 years later, I separated from my husband 10 months ago, we are heading through divorce now.

I found out Adam, liked me through a mutual friend and we began seeing each other.

I only made one request: that he let me know if he still wanted me in his life romantically, so that I would have peace of mind while we took time away from one another.

He has not answered, and honestly I am thinking he will not.

He touches me and I feel his energy go right through me.

At the beginning he would say nice things and flirt.

I do not think at this point he is making any efforts to heal and is only paralyzed by fear. I have never accused him of anything, have apologized if I am not understanding his feelings fully and asked for very little while he is in this state.