I am not having any sort of Shell related error, though I have received one or more messages about the possibility of data loss before it just started telling me it could not read the (hard drive) disk.I am quite certain these are not the same problems and thereby warrant different solutions.

sndrec32 exe there was an error updating the registry-18

This repair would only work if you have a workable saved Registry among the five that Win98 saves by default.

This is rather unlikely in your case - but is a distant possibility: worth trying (since it only takes a minute or two).

It's likely that you are seeing similiar errors on both your newer and older PCs because they are all infected by the same malware. It just isn't capable of burning CDs, so the CD would have to be made on another system.

If you've been visiting the Internet without up-to-date antivirus and firewall programs running - you've been extremely vulnerable. I am not seeing the same errors on my older and my newer PC.

I can't even change the date and time on this computer without getting that error. Good Luck, Jim Hi again Robert, I also checked an XP system. The factory-original restore erases the entire hard drive (which removes infections) and then restores the factory-original hard drive image.

This seems like a simple fix, unlike the other one. This program is needed for opening files of type 'Application'. Recovery Disks generally are bootable, so it doesn't matter how badly infected the hard drive is.Get a working Shell32for Windows 98, put it in the right place, and it works fine right? I don't know what else but will dig it out if you think it will help. I just know that any time I attempt to open an file of any kind, I get a message that looks exactly like this. Location of SHELL32.exe: [C:\............................................] [OK] [Cancel] [Locate...] I'd screenshot it, but paint is an exe program so no copy pasting screenshots. It is 1,388,816 bytes and was last modified 12/06/01 at PM. If you need to save the current data, you can try cleaning the malware using a bootable CD containing antimalware tools (such as the UBCD4Win -- which works for most PCs, but requires a Windows XP CD to create --- Trouble is all my searches bring up stuff for Windows XP, even though I specify Windows 98 in the search lines and they're also for and not Shell32 Looking around revealed a lot of stuff about the DLL, but nothing about an EXE. Another option is to remove the hard drive, attach it to another well-protected PC, and scan it using the clean PCs antimalware programs.After experiencing this problem with my newer PC, my only option for getting online technical support was to dig out my ten year old computer and connect that up.I have experienced this problem before about six years ago.I'm not even sure why this was happening as it was working fine the last time I used it, so I'm not sure why that old problem would be resurfacing, or if it even is the old problem as opposed to the file somehow getting deleted by non malware means. I downloaded one that is exactly 100,000 bytes and was last modified 01/10/1980 at AM but the time, file size, and the fact I already had one were all very suspicious, so I chose not to overwrite the one I had with this one I got from some DLL download site. You can attach the drive internally - using cables, or externally - using USB adapters or enclosures. If the ".exe" or "application" file-association is still broken, you can try restoring it manually.