They are also liable to removal from the HKSAR after serving the sentence.

They are not eligible to bring their dependants to Hong Kong for residence.

Footnote: Employers who have obtained the Director of Immigration's approval before 1 April 2003 to let their Helpers live out can continue to do so, so long as they continue to employ Helpers without a break of more than 6 months.

A Helper must be in possession of a proper visa before he/she travels to the HKSAR.

The issuance of a visa to individual Helper is subject to the normal immigration requirements being met (such as holding a valid travel document with adequate returnability to his/her country of residence or citizenship; be of clear criminal record and raises no security or criminal concerns to the HKSAR, has no likelihood of becoming a burden on the HKSAR; etc).

Furthermore, other documents in support of the application may be required by the processing officer in individual cases.

The standard Employment Contract (ID 407) is not transferrable and if for any reason it is terminated before the standard contract period of two years has been completed, the initiating party should in writing inform the other party of the exact date of termination of the contract.The employer is advised to find out from the relevant consulate in the HKSAR the latest requirements and policies on employment and immigration matters which may affect the Helper's employment in the HKSAR before submitting the contracts to the Director of Immigration in support of the Helper's application for a visa.If the application is approved, a visa fee is payable to the HKSAR Government upon visa collection.Please do not make enquiries about the progress of the application unless it is absolutely necessary as it may delay the processing of the application.The Helper should complete application form ID 988A whilst the employer should complete application for ID 988B.All levy paid is not refundable under any circumstances.