You can change your reports to analyze stats from the past day, week, 15 days, or month. The Stats and Analytics are fetched based upon past engagement and interaction for your Brand. The numbers in your Stats and Analytics are accurate and get updated for every interaction or engagement.3. Do you provide historical data for my Brands once I add them to Zoho Social? When you first add an account to Zoho Social, you can see the previous month of data.

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, prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

Both platforms are ideal for sharing photos and videos, although Instagram has higher engagement and view rates with videos.

Hopefully these statistics will help you determine the right social media strategy for your business!

However, this doesn’t mean users are not interacting with other profiles or consuming content.

How to Select the Best Social Media Marketing Platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are three of the most influential platforms in social media marketing.Sentiment Analysis plays a crucial role in getting to know your target audience.Go to Posts Post Details and view Sentiment Analysis.You can change this to any other network by clicking on the options displayed on right.​Now you can also see the sentiment analysis of Connections right in front of their names.​When you look at the reports tab, you can switch your reports from graphical to tabular views by clicking the buttons next to All time.Any place where data is graphically represented in Zoho Social, you can click the same line graph and table buttons to switch views.​By default, reports in Zoho Social will contain stats from the time you connected your social networks to the present. The data gets updated for every 24 hours for the Stats and Analytics in Zoho Social.4.If you want to access different stats than the ones on the default report, you can create a custom report. You can change it to Twitter, Linked In, Instagram or Google depending on your needs.